Timberland Capital AG – Our Traditional Equity Fund

You grow according to the goals you set for yourself. And our goal is to create investments that satisfy investor requirements for return, security, flexibility and sustainability to the best degree possible. This is precisely how investments in our traditional participation rights-based equity funds operate. They offer a profitable vehicle for sound capital accumulation in diversified investment opportunities. Investments are made exclusively in successful top funds, such as “Carmignac Investissement”, “DJE Dividenden & Substanz” and “DWS Top Dividende”. By carefully balancing the mix of dividend and security strategies, we are able to offer an attractive market of opportunities, together with a stable precious metal portfolio that invests in physical gold, and a bond portfolio. This allows investors to choose an ideal mix of investments based on their own personal investment goals and holding period. As a special treat, any asset class can be adjusted at any time in response to the changing requirements of an investor with no need to deduct withholding tax. This gives investors the greatest possible freedom to construct their own investment strategies. Our experienced fund management is also available as a reliable partner for investors, acting according to one of our proven Timberland principles: as markets become increasingly non-transparent, we continue to rely, as we have for more than 20 years, on the traditional value of healthy common sense.

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