OptiMix – Our AIFM-compliant Equity Funds

Investments in high-quality equities are traditionally in strong demand due to their special long-term nature. The reason for this is clear, as the long-term proven efficiency of these so-called dividend strategies makes them a highly valuable investment. In order to protect precisely these returns, Timberland fund management also uses interest-bearing investments and a precious metal portfolio in the new AIFM-compliant asset classes to add security. Another component is available in the form of a carefully constructed currency portfolio, which adds reassuring diversification to a portfolio, particularly in times of volatility due to monetary policy.

These “return portfolio”, “interest-bearing portfolio”, “precious metal portfolio” and “currency portfolio” components were used to create a variety of portfolio plans based on carefully balanced formulas. Our OptiMix A, B and C portfolio plans, “Golddepot Active” active gold portfolio and “OptiMix Currency” currency portfolio offer investors an extremely broad range of possibilities for creating the ideal mix to satisfy their personal goals.

The AIFM Directive that entered into effect in the European Union in mid-2013 introduced major changes to the investment industry. And we are using these changes to the benefit of our demanding investors by offering greater variety, more transparency and more active fund management. We describe this simply as an attractive new investment world!

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